Tuesday, August 10, 2010

why ?

i don't understand why people in the world hate each other so much . and i wonder why people do such conniving things . i watch things happen and it just makes me sick to my stomach to see how careless human beings are , and the things people fight or kill over . it's so STUPID . you don't like this person because of the neighborhood he lives in ? you don't like that person because he said something about you that you didn't like ? BIG FREAKING DEAL , get over it . giving yourself the audacity to kill someone like your God ! i really don't get it sometimes . especially when it comes to this white person , black person crap . they say oh white people think their better because their WHITE , & people give them the benefit of the doubt . and white people start to give themselves to much tooting in their horn . and that's why a lot of people hate them , and violence starts . if everyone just gets along , the world can function a whole lost easier and MAYBE less people will die . since i'm talking about how shitty the world is , let's talk about George Bush . he made so many people draft to a war that had nothing to do with America , and didn't give a damn . how you friends w| the man that led the attack of the World Trade Center , and was clueless that that was gonna happen . the day before 9/11 the United States lost over $7 Billion and supposedly NO ONE knew what happened tp the money . and the 9/11 happens ? i think that was a set-up .. HANDS DOWN . then Hurricane Katrina hit , he didn't care that black people were suffering & dying . he could've done something about it . he only cares about his stupid wife and his 2 drunk-all-time daughters . HELL ! send them girls out there and let them experience life . i gotta stop writing about this because i'm getting myself upset . people are just self-centered and cruel , and i wish people would change . it's not good to care what people think sometimes , but i wish some people did .

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