Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diddys' dirty all right .

why is it that , Diddy is such a DEADBEAT producer ? from Making the Band 1 until Day 26 . . . what the heck happened ? he treats these people like garbage ! he just makes these shows to make more money for HIM ! he uses the television series to make it seem as if he's this humanitarian of some sort , and the bands just disappear . let's take a look at one that we all knew about . . . B5 ! they were poppin` when i was in middle school lols , and all of a sudden BECAUSE DIDDY GOT TIRED OF THEM , he drops them to some other record label and they call themselves "Auto" now . what in tarnation .. like where did they go wrong ? Danity Kane too ! Danity Kane was doing the damn thing , and he dumps the white girls , and D Woods just because she wanted to make her own money . Why isn't Cassie or Day 26 making anymore albums ? and what happened to Donnie ? I'll tell you what happened .. Cassie had sex with Diddy , and he dumped her . And Donnie was just wack . Then comes in DIRTY MONEY .. the ONLY reason why they still hitting charts is because Diddy is apart of them . shame shame shame . Diddy , why don't you just retire w| your old ass , and take care of your fast ass sons .

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