Monday, July 19, 2010

be careful what you wish for .

i'm not perfect . even the people w| the botox in their skin , and the girls who think their barbie dolls aren't perfect . i don't mean to be a bad person but i can't help it at times . the people who've treated me with all do respect & were so careful about me and where my life was headed , were the same people i have constantly pushed out of my life because i wanted to take control of my it . & doing what i wanted got me some where the devil wanted me . i'm not gonna sit here & tell my whole life story & start sobbing while i'm at it . . . in this ONE blog . BUT lols .. when someone is going out their way to help you better yourself , take that chance because theres' but so many people that will do that for you , you know ? and i'm bless to say that i have a mother who cares for me , and a friend who's willing to take a bullet before it hits me . maybe people do get second chances in life . i got mine & i'm sure that i'm going to put my life in a different direction . and with that being said , you only get one life to live . it's YOURS , use it wisely .

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