Thursday, July 22, 2010

Go Chris Brown !

on the BET Awards '10 everybody wanna hate on Breezy for doing a phenomenal job on that Michael Jackson tribute , saying his tears were fake . at first everyone was on his sack about him beating Rihanna up , calling him out of his name , and as soon as he does this dance ya'll wanna throw more dirt on his name . oh just STFU , nobody asked any of ya'll for the opinion . at the end , ya'll still gonna be singing his songs , and ya'll still watching his interviews , and still have your eyes glued on the TV when he comes on . but in MY opinion , those tears were indeed REAL , the spit coming out his mouth , the redness of his skin .. he couldn't even sing "Man in the Mirror" correctly because of how hard the tears were coming out . every needs to hop off . so like i said before just STFU because Chris Brown is back , and he's going hard like never before (:

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