Tuesday, July 20, 2010

gossip folks .

it's sad that everywhere you go , you try to find that one boy who you think will love YOU for YOU , like they say they would . they seem all lovey dovey in the beginning , but as soon as things get serious they flip on you like a clumsy break dancer . a girl like me wants to find her prince charming early so i don't have to worry about "why am i not married" when i get older . but as much as i been through , God's telling me to wait it out . i had a boy tell me he loved me , take me out , buy me things JUST TO TURN AROUND and hurt me . he pretended to like me the whole time , because he needed to get over his college sweetheart . i had a boy tell me he LOVED me [ we all now that's a big step ] and after he got that one thing from me , he pretended he didn't know me afterwards for the ugliest long headed -- I'M NOT EVEN GONNA GET INTO THAT . i have had a boy cheat on me so many times , and i still went back to him because he "loved me" and at the end he talked about me like a dog to all his friends . and the sad part is that everyone hears everything they believe , especially when your reputation was "the good girl" . they can't wait to get their hands on something about you & run w| it . i don't see me as the "good girl gone bad" , it's just when you love someone , love makes you do crazy things . someone once told me the grass was much geeener on the other side . i'm still waiting to see .

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