Tuesday, July 20, 2010

thanks dad ( :

it never bothered me that i didn't know my real dad . i've never set eyes on him , no photograph , not even a phone call saying "i want nothing to do with you" . you can't miss anything you never had right ? but i see girls' with their fathers' time to time , and i wonder what it would be like if i too had that father-daughter love . not that i'm not grateful for my mother , being that she plays both roles ; but sometimes you need a males' perspective on some situations . i've had guys pretend to be my dad , but i knew the deal . i don't want an imposer . i want the REAL THING . my mom told me before i was born , he was the best boyfriend . why couldn't he be the WORLDS' GREATEST DAD ? why couldn't he just see his little girl grow up to be a mature young woman ? why'd he have to run off like that , not to mention leaving a son just about my age behind too ? why couldn't he just show up at the fucking child support office , and see me for just a second .. A DAMN SECOND ! everything happens for a reason but damn man , why is everything happening to me all at once ? MEN .. their hard to explain , especially when you know nothing about him , and he's your FATHER ! but , at the end ; i get 95 $ out of his paycheck every week for NOT being there . thanks dad , you get a standing ovation [ :

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